We have been busy Nippers, 150 children a week!

We have been busy Nipper coaches this week!!! James and the team have been working hard at spreading the word of Rugby Nippers and what we’re all about! FUNDAMENTALLY AWESOME COACHING, FUN, RUGBY, EDUCATION, AND LOADS MORE!!! We have managed to coach 150 children a week over the last five weeks, as well as delivering our sessions throughout Perthshire we have been teaching our Nippers in Nurseries to really enhance there physical literacy so each child can learn how to jump, hop, skip, balance (on hands and feet) packed full of FUN so full time parents can still have the opportunity for there child to get a Rugby Nippers experience. We hope your children have really enjoyed there nursery sessions!.

Our current theme of Pre-school classes we are running at the minute is The Gruffalo mixed up with chasing games and shapes so we

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