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Teaching Young Children The Very First Skills Of Rugby

Junior Nippers – Kinross – (PAUSED)

Junior Nippers – Kinross – (PAUSED)



Junior Nippers is the programme for our oldest age group. Offering your child the most up to date SRU coaching philosophies, Junior Nippers applies all the principles of an effective coaching sessions, establishing all the skills needed to start playing rugby in school or a club environment.

Rugby Nippers also partners with local sports clubs to help Nippers move on to their next rugby environment.

Class: Junior Nippers – Aged 4 – 5 years

Day: Monday Mornings

Time: 10.15 to 11.00am

Location: Millbridge Hall, Old Causeway, Kinross, KY13 8DW



Additional information

Block Dates

6 Week Block – Mon 6th Jan – Mon 10th Feb (10.15-11.00am) (PSMB1), 7 Week Block – Mon 17th Feb – Mon 30th Mar (10.15-11.00am) (PSMB2), 6 week block – Mon 24th Aug – Mon 28th Sept (10.15-11.00am), 8 week block – Mon 19th Oct – Mon 14th Dec (10.15-11.00am), 11 Week block – Mon 4th Jan – Mon 22nd Mar (10.15-11.00am), 10 Week block – Mon 19th Apr – Mon 23rd Jan (10.15-11.00am)


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