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Teaching Young Children The Very First Skills Of Rugby

About Rugby Nipper Classes


Teeny Nippers Aged 2

Teeny Nippers is all about fun! Children are introduced to rugby in a fun, energetic and safe environment. Children start learning about the fundamentals of Rugby: passing, catching, kicking and running.

Using their imagination in fun team games helps children develop independently. Teeny Nippers provides the structure that enables them to flourish and learn in an enjoyable 45 minute class.  We encourage the participation of parents so the learning can continue at home.

Rugby Nippers 2016-18

Mini Nippers Aged 3

Mini Nippers is an energetic and fun 45 minute class that builds on the principles of the Teeny Nippers course. We play fun interactive games that include passing backwards, running, jumping and working as a team.

Each class is programmed through the 6 week block to help support the learning experience. Coached in a positive, encouraging way, your child will thoroughly enjoy each class whilst gaining valuable basic skills.


Junior Nippers Aged 4 to 5

Junior Nippers is the programme for our oldest age group, offering your child the most up to date SRU coaching philosophies. Junior Nippers applies all the principles of effective coaching sessions, establishing all the skills needed to start playing rugby in a school or club environment.

Rugby Nippers partners with local sports clubs to help nippers move on to their next rugby environment.


Senior Rugby Nippers aged 5 to 7

Rugby Nippers is running after school sessions in Perthshire, offering children the opportunity to play more rugby helping to supplement their learning in the sport.

We focus on handling, running, team work and continuity of game play, all provided in small groups. These smaller groups allow us to focus on development of all rugby skills. After school classes give parents the opportunity to burn some of their nipper’s energy at the end of the school day ready for home time.

If they are not already involved, Rugby Nippers also partners with local sports clubs to help nippers move on to their next rugby environment.