Teaching Young Children The Very First Skills Of Rugby

Teaching our Nipper’s their ABC’s……….


Teaching our Nipper’s their ABC’s…………but not as you know it!

 The ABCS of rugby are the fundamental skills we incorporate into all our Rugby Nippers classes. The ABCS stand for Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed! In our Rugby Nipper sessions we incorporate these skills but not in a structured, boring way, we wrap them up around our themes using our imagination to make it as fun as possible. In this way our little nippers enjoy the learnings of the class. Examples of our ABCS include walking, jumping, hopping, big steps, balancing on one leg, passing, catching and bear walks as well as others. Our current theme is dinosaurs, our nippers will think they are learning about certain dinosaurs and how they roar but actually the movements that each dinosaur does will call for agility or balance or co-ordination and our tag games certainly incorporate the speed.

Why is this important? Well, all children and adults need a good ability in fundamentals for all sports. The ABC’s are the foundations of movement and your bodies sensory awareness preparing you for the next stage in your sporting life ie joining a club, dance class, gymnastics or any other activity and even growing into adulthood.

I instruct classes for the over 60’s and I frequently see adults that are struggling with jumping over a small hurdle, using speed ladders or a choreographed class, this is not the fault of that person and it’s great that they are confident enough as adults to give it a crack, but these difficulties show why it’s so important to learn early and have those foundational movements in place.
So be it dinosaurs, jungle animals, tag games or our basic drills, each Rugby Nippers session is preparing your child for a future in any physical activity they may chose. Each class our nippers learn a new skill and each class I learn how children adapt to any situation and thrive in a fun environment, as the old saying goes………….’Every day is (or should be) a learning day’!!

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