Teaching Young Children The Very First Skills Of Rugby



Now that Easter is over (I hope your little nippers enjoyed lots of chocolate) I thought it was about time that I got in touch with you all! It is such an exciting time of year because as we look forward to the (hopefully) warmer months to come it is a fantastic time for our nippers to be outdoors and increase general activity. I always get really excited at this time of year because not only does it mean that I can get out on my bike more and weekends are spent out and about in Scotland with my boys but also because it is a fab time to be helping kids get more active and introducing more Mummies and Daddies to Rugby Nippers!

In this newsletter I thought I should tell you why I am so passionate about activity classes for children and why Rugby Nippers is slightly different from other programmes out there, don’t worry I’ll keep it short and sweet………… just like myself !

Why do I do what I do?

It comes down to the fact that I have a real enthusiasm for quality in sport! I’ve been involved in the sport and fitness industry for 20 years which includes personal training, exercise classes and children sport. One thing I’ve noticed having instructed adults and children is that some struggle to skip, jump, skip, hop as well as conduct other fundamental movements simply because they have not been taught how to do it effectively and with a good technique. I feel it’s so important to instruct our little nipper classes with enthusiasm and energy wrapped in a carefully considered framework to deliver these key development skills.

This is why we will always try and keep our classes to a ratio of 1 coach to 6 children or (at most) 1 coach to 8 eight children during the week to give each child the best opportunity to learn these key skills. This ratio allows for specific feedback to each child and also enables us to give a little bit more encouragement to those children that may not be participating fully to begin with (this actually can be the case for many children whilst they get used to a team environment). I love being able to see progression amongst our nippers and with a lower coach to children ratio I am given the ability to observe and I certainly know how much our nippers love receiving their certificates with their specific areas of improvement that block
In our next block of Rugby Nipper classes we are including one of our favourite them’s which is jungle animals!! Our nippers will also be learning evasive running skills (again to learn how to run rings around mummy and daddy) with colour identification running throughout. What a busy few weeks we have ahead!

See you all soon!

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