Teaching Young Children The Very First Skills Of Rugby

If vegetables are good enough for superheroes they’re good enough for our Nippers!

Rugby Nippers 2016-4

We designed our sessions this week around vegetables, the fact they are super tasty and that all our favorite superheroes need to eat vegetables to be fast and strong! We were jumping and climbing around like spiderman, running super fast like batman and flying like super man at the same time learning about carrots, sweetcorn, aubergine and tomatoes. We were hoping to help encourage our little Nippers to eat vegetables, we’ll wait to hear from all our Mummies and Daddies to see if it worked! This was in addition to our themes for this block of Rugby Nippers: teeny nippers- scoring tries, mini nippers- decision making and junior nippers- learning to pass the ball sidewards. Looking forward to our next session and feel free to get in touch with any enquiries!

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